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CBD oil is a good, natural agent, which can help attenuate stress, insomnia and depressive symptoms. CBD possesses potent anti-anxiety property, which helps in alleviating general as well as social anxiety. Case studies have shown that CBD is helpful in providing relief from insomnia by improving the quality and quantity of sleep in users.

CBD alters these receptors in such a way that it results in an anxiolytic effect. CB1R receptors activation is known to be the target of anti-anxiety drugs. CBD is an indirect activator of this receptor via increased CB1R constitutional activity. CBD administration to mouse models of generalized anxiety showed that regular use of CBD for 21 days could reduce stress and has anxiolytic effects.

CBD is known to amplify the adenosine receptor activity, which in turn reduces anxiety. CBD helps reduce anxiety generated due to chronic unpredictable stress and thus prevents long-term anxiogenic effects of stress. Use of CBD in the treatment of sleep disorders has also been studied widely. A case study of a patient with insomnia (due to Posttraumatic stress disorder) showed that CBD intake could improve the quality of sleep.

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Treatment of rats with CBD led to increased total sleep time in them at the high dose of 40mg/kg. CBD might increase total sleep time and sleep latency at higher doses. Stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and sleep disorders are common amongst patients with back pain. In order to improve the quality of life, it is important to alleviate these co-morbidities.

Muscle relaxants are another type of medication prescribed to the patients with back pain for treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions. They are known to alleviate spasms or pain developed due to injury such as low back pain. CBD has muscle relaxant properties. It has been shown in studies that CBD and other components of cannabis have muscle relaxant properties.

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CBD has been found to be instrumental in the treatment of multiple sclerosis by reducing muscle spasticity. CBD is known to influence the endocannabinoid system by altering the levels of many endogenous cannabinoids including anandamide. This, in turn, can result in the muscle relaxant properties of CBD. Muscle relaxants are a group of drugs prescribed to the patients with back pain.

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The effective dose depends on many factors including the strength of the tincture, user’s condition, age, tolerance, etc. It has been observed that dose between 600mg-1500mg per day is fairly well tolerated in humans without many side effects. Dose above 1500mg per day might result in some side effects. Tinctures are usually available in 100mg to 600mg concentrations.

Users should start with low doses and then increase it gradually based on their symptoms. Taking extra oil is expensive and ineffective in the long run. Therefore the users can start with a 300mg dose and observe their symptoms. In case of relief, the dose can be reduced to 100mg.